Isolated moments of strangeness, glimpses of wonder and sadness, and something to do with particle physics.

The title 'Quark' came about because to me it sounded a little like the word quirk although calling a photograph and vicariously its subject, a quirk seems a bit derogatory. 'Quark' seemed strange yet respectful and mysterious, a moment on the edge of awareness and normality. I also happen to know quarks are subatomic particles in the world of particle physics, a topic I have for a while had a passing interest in, that's if it's possible to have a passing interest in particle physics. Quarks are strange particles that come in 'flavours' though not the kinds of favours you can taste and they're also only observed with other particles. On further investigation into the etymology of the word it transpires the physicist who came up with the term quark took it from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce:

--Three quarks for Muster Mark!
Sure he hasn't got much of a bark
And sure any he has it's all beside the mark.

Some may be aware that quark is also a mild cottage cheese popular in Germany, but is also a colloquial term for rubbish there too!

So it seems fitting to name a collection of unrelated photographs that have no obvious relation to each other, yet some how have ended up connected, quarks. 

Thinking about it, particle physics is a bit like photography, you go out looking for one thing or have an idea you'd like to investigate and through repeated experimentation sometimes you find what you're looking for, other times you come across something completely unexpected. That strange and unpredictable result then spurs new investigations and ideas, and takes you down yet more unexpected paths as you try to figure out how it all fits together. And oddly the closer you get to some kind of answer or big picture, all you end up realising is that picture/universe is a whole lot bigger, stranger and more complex than you originally thought.